Notices of upheld decisions

The investigation committee foundprima facie case of misconduct for Veronica Gincota (registered student) to answer in relation to a complaint that she: was found to be in possession of revision notes when she left the exam room during the course of an E1 exam; failed to leave the notes in an area designated by the invigilators; had materials in her possession that could have been used to give her an unfair advantage in the exam; and had notes in a situation that suggests she could have used them during the exam.

Pursuant to regulation II.8(e) of the royal charter byelaws and regulations, the committee invited Gincota to consent to the imposition of the sanction of a reprimand and a fine of £100 by way of consent order without further proceedings, to which she agreed.

A finding upholding the complaint was recorded and an order was issued for the imposition of a reprimand and a fine of £100.

The disciplinary committee found Noel O’Callaghan, FCMA, CGMA, guilty of misconduct.

He had failed to provide evidence of compliance with CIMA’s mandatory continuing professional development (CPD) requirements for 2010, as required under the royal charter byelaws and regulations, when requested by CIMA in several communications to do so.

The committee considered CPD an important part of CIMA membership and that O’Callaghan had been given every opportunity to provide evidence that he had undertaken CPD activities.

While it took into account O’Callaghan’s unblemished disciplinary record, the committee imposed a severe reprimand and a fine of £1,250 as the proportionate sanction. O’Callaghan was also required to pay £6,000 in costs.

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