Book in brief: The Growth Drivers

The Growth Drivers: The Definitive Guide to Transforming Marketing Capabilities
By Andy Bird and Mhairi McEwan
Wiley, £29.99

The challenge of how to drive sustainable, profitable growth is facing businesses across the world.

The Growth Drivers explores the critical role that marketing and marketers play in creating the customer value needed to drive demand-led growth. It is designed to be the definitive guide to transforming organisational marketing capabilities. Here is a brief synopsis of the issues it covers:

  • The role of marketing and of marketers in driving growth.
  • The DNA of a great marketer.
  • The leadership skills that every senior marketer needs to influence the company growth agenda.
  • The training trap – how marketing capability development is NOT simply training.
  • How human resources can adopt marketing processes to build the employer brand and attract the very best talent.
  • How marketers can improve their commercial awareness.
  • How to create a marketing capability strategy and development programme.
  • How to embed a marketing capability programme within the organisation.
  • How to measure the ROI on marketing capability investment.
  • How to organise to sustain capability development.


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